For many households that are looking for an all-in-one intelligent solar home energy management solution, SolaX now integrates a heating solution into its existing home energy management system.

Thanks to the newly developed SolaX Adapter Box, homeowners can now connect the smart grid heat pump to the SolaX energy storage systems, and realize direct control of the heat pump through SolaX inverter.

During the day, when the PV-generated power is abundant to supply regular household energy needs, and the battery is fully charged, you can command the surplus sun energy to supply your heat pump through settings on the SolaX inverter, and thus maximize solar self-consumption and reduce electricity bills.

For people that are living in places with high Feed-in tariff, who prefers to sell more solar energy to the grid to generate income, you can flexibly change settings and decide the best way that works for you through the intelligent energy control of SolaX inverter. 
Smart Home Energy Management with Heat Pump
User Scenarios Under SmartSave Mode (With Default Setting)
The SolaX Adapter Box also comes with a mobile app that allows homeowners to remotely monitor and control their heat pump's behavior. This means that you can adjust your heating preferences according to your daily schedule, set the temperature of each room, and preheat your home before arriving, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

With its comprehensive energy management features, the SolaX Adapter Box provides an effortless solution for households looking to lower their carbon footprint, reduce energy bills, and increase self-sufficiency. Not only does it allow for seamless integration of renewable energy sources, but it also enables smart management of your home appliances, including your heat pump, to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort at all times.
With SolaX Adapter Box, SolaX inverter will be your smart home energy manager to control the overall usage of energy in the house and maximize energy self-consumption in a smarter way.

In this mode, users are able to adjust various settings on the SolaX inverter in order to control the operation of the heat pump in an intelligent manner. These settings include feed-in power threshold (a), consumption power threshold (b), battery state of charge threshold (c), minimum required hours of heat pump operation, total accumulated hours of heat pump operation, and scheduled periods for heat pump operation. By making these adjustments, users can optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their heat pump system.

Users have the ability to determine the minimum amount of energy that must be fed into a system before it activates. In this case, if the feed-in power equals or exceeds the selected value, the adaptor box will turn on and activate the heat pump, which will raise the water temperature to a higher level.

Users are able to determine the amount of power they want to allow their adaptor box to consume. If the amount of power being used from the grid meets or exceeds the set threshold, the adaptor box will automatically shut off and the SolaX system will stop providing power to the heat pump.

Users are able to choose a specific battery state of charge (SOC) level at which the adaptor box will automatically shut off. When the battery SOC falls to this set level, the SolaX system will stop supplying electricity to the heat pump.

Heat Pump System with Battery System in Detail